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No-Snag Hijab Magnets - 2 Pack

No-Snag Hijab Magnets - 2 Pack

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Each purchase includes four pairs of magnets.

Introducing the Hijab Magnet - the hassle-free solution for securing your hijab in place!
This innovative accessory features powerful magnets that keep your hijab securely in place,
without the need for pins or clips. The lightweight and discreet design is perfect for all hijab styles and won't add bulk or discomfort to your look. Whether you're running errands, working out, or just enjoying a day out, the Hijab Magnet will ensure that your hijab stays in place all day long. Available in a range of colors to match your hijab, this must-have accessory is a game-changer for hijab-wearers everywhere. Experience the comfort and convenience of the Hijab Magnet!




Care Instructions

Machine wash on warm with like colors,Tumble dry low, For make-up or oil stains, spot treat with stain remover.

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